Applications of the TMA wind turbine / power station






The following applications of the TMA wind turbine/power station are planned for production models ranging in output from 500 watts to 1 MW:

• Household rooftop models
• Roof top installations on commercial buildings for demand site power and for offsetting power costs
• Remote high altitude mountain cabin sites
• Ski lifts, lodges, and resorts
• Telecommunication sites
• Remote radar sites • Remote high altitude observatory installations
• Small military installations in remote areas
• Mobile mounted turbines for traveling military units
• Offset power costs for all Military installations and provide emergency back-up power by integrating generation within the base building of the turbine
• Farm and Ranch operations for offsetting power costs associated with pivot sprinkler systems
• Installations to provide water purification
• Desalination of water for drinking and irrigation
• Installations on Oil Rig platforms to offset the use of diesel generation and reduce pollution
• Installations to increase production on existing oil field operations where there exists a limited power supply
• Distributed Generation for offsetting power costs in industrial areas
• Provide power for municipalities seeking green energy
• Offsetting water pumping costs for municipal owned utilities where gravity fed systems are required
• Reduce the consumption of diesel fuel by large ocean going vessels, thereby reducing pollution
• Provide needed full time power for remote locations by combining with solar and by installing back up generation in the base building
• Provide renewable energy for the production of hydrogen
• Utility wind farm installations (1 MW wind turbines)

Strategic partners

Cermak Peterka Petersen Wind Engineering and Air Quality Consultants (CPP)
KPFF Consulting Engineers (KPFF)




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