Welcome to TMA,

We are a renewable resource company involved in the development, manufacture and marketing of vertical axis wind energy turbines and hybrid energy systems. TMA has designed, engineered and manufactured several different vertical axis turbines and has multiple patents issued on a revolutionary new wind turbine design.

These unique and leading edge technology, wind energy systems produce electrical power both on and off the grid for use by individual homeowners, small businesses, commercial industry and utility companies.



1.    The TMA wind turbine is the only wind turbine that has the ability, due to its unique configuration, to increase the speed of the wind as it reaches the power producing blades. The TMA wind turbine is engineered to withstand extreme winds up to 150 mph and will produce power from 12 mph up to 70 mph at a constant efficiency percent of conversion of the available wind.

2.    The function of the base building is to house the generation and control systems for the wind turbine and is accessible at ground level for ease of maintenance. Over the life of the wind turbine this feature will prove to be an excellent cost saving feature. The area in the base building will provide additional space for the installation of back–up generation equipment and control systems for a solar application.



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